3 Tips When Designing for Women Audiences

February 27, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

Just this past week, I’ve been wearing my graphic design and website designer hat at the same time – attempting to design both packaging and a website for a particular product geared towards women. I pride myself on the ability to design for various audiences and not be one of these ‘one trick pony’ type of graphic designers. I’ve come up with a some tips to help those graphic designers break out of their comfort zone.
1. Think Visceral
Don’t confuse visceral with stereotypical. Using sans serif typography is passive, not necessarily feminine. Designing with script fonts and flowers and kittens will most certainly insult your audience. Be smart and sensitive at the same time. Women are smart and intelligent – and your design should be too.
2. Tactile Elements
Integrating tactile design elements such as patterns or objects that are visually pleasing but also trigger a cognitive response similar to soothing. For instance, the visual appeal of fur or crushed velvet or a handwritten note tapped to the sidebar of a website.
Did you know that 80% of women’s buying decisions are based on touch? For example – women who purchases bathroom fixtures will justify price with the weight of the product.
3. Use Meaningful Color Palettes
For me personally, I also choose my color palettes from interior design trends or fashion. These industries are very much top of mind with women audiences. And I also avoid using the color pink for reasons mentioned above. Although women like the color blue as much as men – women own the color purple more than men, and using a variance of purple speaks directly to your audience.