The 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Web Professional

February 29, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

Since the invention of the home computer – seems like everyone is calling themselves a designer these days. I’ve met people in all different vocations – banking, real estate and even health care – claim to be a designer. Despite the fact that their day job consists of applying a cover sheet to the TPS reports, or chasing the whereabouts of their Swingline stapler, or moving their office to the basement of the data center – they’re all designers.

But here are three reasons why hiring a professional can not just save you time, but make your business money.

1. Opportunity Cost
While the do-it-yourself’er could be focused on making customers happy they’ll most likely end up in a dark room, staring at code and driving themselves crazy. As a website designer, I’ve made the investment very early on in my career – staying up all night trying to figure out why my sidebar is not aligning right, or why my jQuery navigation has forced my rotating banner from rotating. If you’re a business owner who has the time to design and develop websites – you’re probably not in business anymore. It’s too late.

2. Quality Cost
If you’re content with just having a presence online – perhaps consider what the presence is costing you in terms of quality. Is your presence one that can be trusted? Chances are if the quality of your website is minimal to put it kindly – then it might be driving consumers away. Let’s think of this in terms of branding – if your brand is to deliver low quality products at average prices – you may have a new business model, but it won’t be a successful one.

3. Maintenance Cost
Once you’ve invested the hundreds if not thousands of hours every budding website designer has invested to know their trade, consider spending twice that learning how to maintain your new website. As someone who has built some real dogs very early on in my career – and after some time working from a maintenance stand-point – I would ultimately re-build the site.

But look at it this way – it’s a great way to learn.