Why You Should Ditch Dropbox for Google Drive

April 27, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

The much-anticipated Google Drive officially arrived this past Tuesday and we’ve come up with three great reasons why you should give it a try. If you’re a serious web design and development company like us – you might want to take your time before diving into Google Drive – but nevertheless, we’ve got three great reasons why you should try it sooner rather than later.

1. 5GB of FREE Space
In similar fashion as Dropbox, Google Drive installs a folder on your computer and allows users to simply drag-and-drop your files and automatically sync those files to the cloud – not to mention other Google Drive computers.

2. It’s Google – Enough Said.
Although is less free space than Microsoft’s SkyDrive – we simply can’t trust anything with the Microsoft name on it. And having been a huge advocate for Dropbox this past year – we love the fact that its Google. Google Drive integrates well with our current workflow which uses Gmail, WebMaster Tools, Analytics – heck, we even use GoogleTalk as an interoffice intercom system.

The fact that Drive doesn’t make copies of files enables us to access and edit documents offline using Google Chrome – Google Plus includes an option of sharing photos
and Gmail integration is on the way.

3. It’s Google – Again, Enough said.
While the search capabilities are stellar, and while image recognition is on the horizon – it’s only going to get better. Famous landmarks and people don’t seem to be of any issue for Google’s impressive search but you’ll have to wait for image recognition to begin returning those type of results with your family photo album.

We highly recommend giving Google Drive at drive.google.com