The 3 Mistakes Clients Make When Hiring a Web Designer

February 6, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

Finding a website designer you trust your brand with on the web can be very challenging. Having personally been on both sides of the issue – I’m seen some unique pitches and approaches. Here’s a list of the big three mistakes clients make when hiring a website designer.

1. Price Dictates Decision
If a client approaches one of their biggest business decisions based on price – it can tell you a lot about that business. Website and graphic designers have learned over the years – this type of decision-making usually means one or two things. The client doesn’t value your services or they don’t understand how important the web is. Either way – it means the client will not be in business for very long. While they might get their neighbor’s lawn boy to build their website for $50 – they’ll drive away more customers by misrepresenting their brand as a business to be taken seriously.

2. Making Generalizations
Not all website designers are created equal. While some may excel with user-interfaces others may have mastered the search engine optimization aspect. A client who bases their decision on flash and awe but believes a clean, more informational-design approach is more appropriate – will surely be disappointed. Prior to searching for designers, clients should have a particular style in mind and look for that style when interviewing designers.

3. Overlooking the Website Shelf-life
Clients are not aware of what’s fresh and bleeding-edge and will often feel more comfortable with something they’ve seen hundreds of times over the course of the last ten years. It’s the safe bet. But website shelf-life is extremely important – a client wants to appear to be relevant and in step with today. More importantly, every website is going to require some form of maintenance – so the best approach is to find a designer that is willing to make those updates as they are required. Clients who overlook the maintenance aspect will most certainly become frustrated very quickly and will look to redesign before identifying the real issue.