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Buffalo Website Design is a web design team that builds web-based tools for marketing your small business. It's more than a website - a website can just sit there on the web and look pretty. Our websites look pretty too - but they're more interesting. You might even say they're engaging because they keep the conversation going. A Buffalo Website Design can turn an innocent Google search into a long-term relationship with your customers. Buffalo Website Design is different. We could talk about colors and textures, buttons and images but we have yet to find evidence that visual design actually produces results. Instead, we prefer to talk about web users, their browsing habits and how they respond to interfaces. How do we engineer a website that converts the casual visitor into a lifetime customer? That's what we want to talk about. Perhaps you're like us and thinking about it too. Can a website actually work to grow a small business? The answer is yes and you'll be shocked to know that there's nearly two decades of usability, behavior and experience studies that support that claim. You're just an email away from discovering how a tiny team of web developers from Buffalo, New York can put the web to work for you.
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